This is Chapter 49

This year like previous years I pondered on whether or not I should go big or stay home to celebrate my birthday. However, the thing about this year, is that I'm so acutely aware of the fact that being alive and healthy this year is such a gift that I almost feel bad that I'm not turning up everyday for the next month. My good friend Corey says "choosing to do nothing is essentially choosing to do something." I'm choosing to agree with him.  A little wine tasting, a little fine dining, and whole lotta time to sit and reflect on the grace of God. 

I'm celebrating in my spirit every moment that I get to breathe unassisted. I'm rejoicing every time my limbs work voluntarily. I'm turning-up every time my loved ones call or don't call, every time I get to witness something awesome happen in someone else's life and my own.  I do a little dance every time I hear a great song or taste a great flavor. Oh oh, oh and don't let me read a good book, I will lose my whole mind. I bob my head to the beat every time I drive down Sistrunk with nothing particularly pressing to do except ride out. I shake what my mama gave me when ever "Beam ahh" blares from my air pods. I...gets...down!

In retrospect I guess I am doing it big this year; all year. I'm just not waiting for the assigned day to celebrate. Every day, every hour and every minute is a gift. So I choose to celebrate daily. I love y'all!

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